Wondering if the adventure you used to know even exists after kids? (Spoiler! It doesn't! Well not really, but there is a version out there that works.)

I spent the 20 years before becoming a mom, traveling the world to climb. Once I had my son I assumed I would just fold him into our adventures and nothing would change.


I had been reading and following blogs, books, Facebook, and Instagram posts about how amazing it was to camp with a newborn (Sleep? Yeah, right!) or climb (Maybe you make it to the crag but good luck getting off the ground!) with your toddler. But when I attempted these excursions on my own they were not what had been advertised!

So, I started writing about the honest, messy, frustrating (and sometimes awesome) experiences we were having. We aren't given a manual for parenting so it seems kind of unfair to then only be exposed to the "perfect" version of it. Too. Much. Pressure.

I write honestly about being a climbing and adventuring mom for Hike It Baby and Run Wild My Child. I also host the podcast The ReWild Mamas where I talk to other adventure moms who share their experiences, thoughts, inspiration, and epics of all sizes.

When I'm not freelancing, which is most of the time because my primary job is to keep my 3-year-old lunatic alive and out of traffic, I like to climb and watch American Ninja Warrior, (I actually tried out for the show twice here and here)! I'm also vegan and like to experiment with new recipes.

If you want to know more or are interested in collaborating contact me here.